Speaker Mike Madigan – trying to gain a foothold in Kane and McHenry Counties!

Chapter 2 – The Johnson Acquisition
Check No. 3 – $ 20,412
Running Total-  $ 65,168

Mike Madigan and his money are at it again…

Mike Madigan just sent another HUGE chunk of Chicago money to Democrat Rich Johnson.

J.B. Pritzker has donated so much money to Chicago Democratic boss Mike Madigan that he doesn’t know what to do with it, so he is using it to buy the support of Democrat Rich Johnson.

So, the Chicago Democratic Boss is spending even MORE of the Chicago Democrat Billionaire’s money to get Rich Johnson installed as their new Democrat puppet in our community – We can not let our counties be bought by Mike Madigan.

The Madigan controlled Democratic Party of Illinois just donated an additional $20,412 to Democrat State Representative candidate Rich Johnson on July 28th for a current running grand total of $ 65,168. Those glossy mailers supporting Rich Johnson and bashing Dan that you see coming to your house – ALL paid for by Mike Madigan.

We are watching every day and reporting the facts to the voters of the 65th District.

We will continue to send you updates every time Chicago Democratic boss Mike Madigan meddles in Kane and McHenry counties against the interest of local homeowners and taxpayers.

You can help fight back against Rich Johnson and Mike Madigan by donating to support Dan Ugaste.

Click here right now to send a message to Mike Madigan and his pal Rich Johnson that we are not for sale. https://ugasteforillinois.com/donate/

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