People are Fleeing Illinois

The flight of people of all ages from Illinois has reached a new pinnacle. On November 30th the IRS reported that Illinois, in the 2015 tax year, lost 86,100 people and $4.75 billion in adjusted gross income on net to other states. Furthermore, it is not just to warm weather states, people are going to Wisconsin and Indiana in record numbers. Now the US Census Bureau tells us that between mid-year 2016 and mid-year 2017, Illinois lost an estimated 33,700 residents and has gone from being the 5th largest state in the nation to the 6th, falling behind Pennsylvania for the first time in decades. Unfortunately, this is the same story I have heard from many of you while knocking on doors … We have had enough – we are leaving.

This is a direct result of the failed Democratic policies coming out of Springfield. We need to repeal the Mike Madigan income tax hike from earlier this year, and rein in out of control property taxes. We need to change the culture of government benefiting the few, as the Chicago Tribune has been reporting, which Cook County Democrats put in place, that manipulate property taxes for their benefit and that of their friends. We cannot wait any longer, as by one count we are losing one resident every six minutes and 13 million dollars a day in adjusted gross income.

Over the Christmas Holiday, I am reminded how blessed we are to have friends and family who live close and we are able to see. Unfortunately, the information we received yesterday shows us that not everyone’s families are close. Many people are traveling across the country this weekend, because many people moved out of Illinois in search of better opportunities.

I am running to help end this culture. I’m running to bring opportunities back to Illinois so our friends, family, and neighbors can come home.

I am running restore Illinois to its place as one of the great States in our country.

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