Get Your Yard Sign!

If you ask candidates political staff they will tell you that signs don’t vote – but what they do accomplish according to Mel Kahn, political scientist at Wichita State University, is they increase candidate name recognition.

In Kahn’s research into yard signs he found that they help establish name recognition “at the grassroots level.”

Candidates for higher offices – like President and Governor – clearly don’t need yard sign recognition when they are spending millions on advertising.

However, for smaller campaigns – like ours – it is crucial to help with name recognition and momentum going into election day.

With mail in balloting and early voting beginning soon, it is one of our top missions to deploy as many signs as possible.

Would you help with displaying a yard sign? Your show of support will help us get our State back on the right track, together we can push back on the ever increasing tax burden our families face.

Please click here to request yours today.

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