Dan Ugaste Honored As “Friend of Agriculture” By Illinois Farm Bureau Affiliate

Dan Ugaste For State Representative
For Immediate Release: September 20, 2022
Contact: Dan Ugaste
Campaign Phone: 847.595.0522

GENEVA, ILLINOIS – State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-65th) today announced that he has been endorsed by the Illinois Farm Bureau’s independent bipartisan political organization called ACTIVATOR. The group promotes candidates that have supported the legislative goals of agriculture and small business farmers in Illinois.

“The farther you get away from rural Illinois, the easier it is to believe that groceries come from the grocery store. They don’t. There are a couple more steps in growth and production before our dinners appear at the Jewel or Mariano’s,” said Ugaste. “Living out in Geneva and having a district which contains actual working farms, I need to make sure our agricultural producers in Illinois are supported and protected to make sure the shelves of Illinois grocery stores stay full and restaurants have the product they need to keep our retail economy vibrant. I am proud to be recognized as a Friend of Agriculture in Illinois and will continue to work to help family farms survive and flourish.”

Illinois is home to over 75,000 farms that cover almost 75% of the land in the State of Illinois.

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