Dan Ugaste Announces Run For 65th District State Representative

Dan Ugaste For State Representative
For Immediate Release: August 21, 2017
Contact: Dan Ugaste
Cell: 847.595.0522

Dan Ugaste Announces Run For 65th District State Representative

GENEVA, ILLINOIS – After the Illinois General Assembly hiked state income taxes by 32%, increasing spending and refusing to structurally reform our derelict state government, longtime Geneva resident and attorney Dan Ugaste today announced that he will be filing petitions to succeed retiring Illinois State Representative Steve Andersson.

Ugaste gathered one third of the vote in a three-way Republican primary campaign in 2014, placing a close second to Andersson.

“In 2014, I ran to represent the people of Kane County with the promise that I would help restore fiscal responsibility to state government by reducing spending instead of raising taxes,” Ugaste said. “Since, Chicago Democrats and Capitulating Republicans have teamed up to make things worse. They raised taxes to funnel more of our money into a failing system.”

The 32% state income tax hike will take another $223 million per year from Kane County taxpayers.

Taxpayers in every community in the 65th District will be asked to sacrifice more, including St. Charles ($1,769 per year), Geneva ($1,275), West Elgin ($1,023), Batavia ($1,008), Pingree Grove ($802), Hampshire ($802) and Huntley ($667). We will all pay more, getting nothing in return.

“For more than 40 years, the Democrats in control of the General Assembly have taxed, borrowed and spent Illinois into bankruptcy. We need Republicans who will stand strong against the Democrat’s only solution – to raise taxes,” said Ugaste. “The ever increasing tax and fee burden on Illinois companies and individuals is driving businesses and people out of Illinois. The total tax burden in Illinois is one of the highest in the nation.

An attorney by trade, Dan works with business owners to navigate the court system, as well as the system of taxes, regulations and red tape that hamper their efforts to create a good product, deliver a valuable service, and provide a comfortable life for their families.

As a committed fiscal conservative, Dan will use his experience in law and business to help get Illinois back on the right track. As a committed cultural conservative, Dan will represent our shared values in the General Assembly while protecting our basic freedoms.

“Conservative voters need to know they have a representative in Springfield who will not align with Democrats to increase our tax burden. I have personally met with thousands of individuals and families through volunteer work and activities with my church and throughout the community and they know they can count on me to keep my promises,” said Ugaste.

Dan and his wife Denise are the proud parents of three married daughters and grandparents of 3 wonderful grandchildren – with number four due in November.


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