What will the next two years look like?

In the November 6th 2018 General Election voters like you will be deciding what our government looks like for the next two years and beyond. From the top of the ticket on down the ballot, the votes you cast will elect leaders who will make decisions on everything from property tax rates to income tax rates, to school funding – decisions that have a direct impact on your family.

Sitting on your hands and not voting is simply not an option if we want to ensure the future of this State, and in a midterm election year we are expecting turn out to be significantly lower than 2016. What does this mean for you? It means that you and your families votes have a much larger impact on the outcome of every single election that is on the ballot.

In two short weeks ballots will be mailed out to voters who requested a ‘Vote By Mail’ ballot. The process to vote by mail is very easy, and convenient. You can actually request a ballot be sent to your home by filling out a brief online application:

Kane County Clerk’s online application can be found here

McHenry County Clerk’s online application can be found here

Please take 3 minutes and apply to vote by mail. Encourage your family and neighbors to do the same, this election is far too important to not vote.

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