Ugaste Opposes New IDPH Rule

GENEVA—This week Governor Pritzker’s administration issued an additional executive order creating a new penalty, including jail time and up to a $2,500 fine, for businesses who defy the Stay at Home Order and attempt to reopen.

State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva), who has backed small businesses in Illinois by supporting the Fair Business Treatment Act, was vocal about his opposition to this new rule.

“Our businesses have struggled to keep operations running within the parameters of the stay at home order,” said Rep. Ugaste.  “They have played by the rules and they have been doing the best they can. The Governor is once again overstepping his authority in his attack on the small business community.  I expect this order will be overturned by JCAR this week. This is rightfully a legislative issue, and I will continue to urge the Governor to work with the legislature to address the healthcare crisis.”

The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, the bipartisan legislative panel charged with approving or rejecting rules sought by the executive branch, will meet in Springfield on Wednesday, May 20.

Earlier this week at his daily COVID19 media briefing, Pritzker said this executive order would be an additional tool for law enforcement.   Yet, since the announcement of this new emergency rule, county sheriff’s offices from around the state have said they will not enforce it. If it is not rejected by JCAR it will remain in effect for 150 days.

Rep. Ugaste will be returning to Springfield tomorrow for a special legislative session in the House of Representatives.


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