Dan, his wife and daughters.

Economic Development

The key to government attracting and keeping businesses in Illinois is to levy just enough taxes, restrictions and regulatory oversight to fund and protect the interests of the people – and then just leave businesses alone. In a free market, they will sink or swim on their own. If you ask any business owner whether he would rather have the government help them or be left alone, the answer is invariably “just leave us alone If we want new businesses to again locate in Illinois, Illinois taxes, laws and regulations must be changed to be more business friendly.


Tax Policy

I want to repeal the 32% Democratic income tax rate increase.

I opposes a graduated income tax system.

The ever-increasing tax and fee burden on Illinois businesses and individuals is driving businesses and people out of Illinois. The total tax burden (income tax, sales tax, excise tax, property tax, estate tax) in Illinois is one of the highest in the nation. The taxes and fees in Illinois have been increasing while incomes in Illinois remain fairly flat, or, are declining. This is creating enormous hardship for businesses and individuals. Every business that closes or leaves not only causes immediate job losses, but it creates a ripple effect when the revenue that had been collected by state now has to be collected from whatever businesses and individuals that remain.


Minimum Wage

I would not support raising the Illinois minimum wage. I believe it is an issue that should be handled at the Federal level, so that Illinois will not be at a competitive disadvantage. It should be noted that Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan have a $7.25 minimum wage, which puts Illinois employers, who have to pay $8.25 at a competitive disadvantage, especially those along the borders.


Gun Rights / Conceal Carry

I believe conceal carry was long overdue because our old guns laws restricted the rights of law abiding and well trained citizens, particularly veterans, from possessing firearms while criminals seemed to publicly carry with impunity.

I believe conceal carry will make Illinois safer, not less safe, and provides greater ability for law abiding citizens to protect themselves, their families and their property.