Illinois needs to change the way government is run…

Illinois needs to change the way government is run – starting in Springfield with new leadership that will finally put the people of the State first.

A recent investigation has shown that legal fees paid to property tax appeal lawyers in 2015 totaled roughly $35 million — paid to lawyers like House Speaker Mike Madigan; the same lawyer who has large control over the complex state laws and formulas governing property tax assessments. Investigations have also found that property tax lawyers in Cook County who work in this system donate millions of dollars to campaign funds under the control County Assessor, and Cook County Democratic Party Chairman, Joe Berrios, while property tax appeals have tripled since Berrios took office. Given this scenario, is it any wonder that a recent investigation showed that property tax appeals in Chicago result in reductions approximately 50% of the time compared with 16% in New York?

It is clear the property tax assessment system is broken and corrupt. This is why I am demanding we establish a new property tax assessment system that limits annual property tax bills to a very small percentage of the actual market value of our homes. Without this change, working families will eventually lose their homes, while the certain lawmakers prosper, and the once Great State of Illinois will continue its downward spiral to bankruptcy and irrelevance.

This is one of the reasons I am running – to change the culture of Springfield. It is time that State government puts the PEOPLE of Illinois FIRST! You can read more about the findings here.

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