I Need Your Help

We are just over two and a half months away from the election, and I need your help. No, I am not asking for money, I am asking for three very specific actions from you and your family:
  1. Click here right now to request a ballot to be sent to your home so you can vote by mail in the upcoming election.
  2. Click here to visit my website and sign up to volunteer, if you are too busy to volunteer your time (kids, work, family), consider allowing me to borrow space on your front lawn for one of my yard signs, I will drop the sign off and pick it up after the election.
  3. Finally, please visit my Facebook page and ‘Like’ my page.

I have been talking to families across our area for the last several months, and I have heard many stories about how property taxes are making it harder and harder for families to get ahead, and that is a problem I am focused on fixing.

Our families are forced to live within their means, and government should have to do the same. I am committed to exhausting every option available to, in the short term, stop property tax increases, and over the long term reduce them.

I appreciate your support, and look forward to earning your vote in the upcoming election.



PS: Don’t forget to go request a lawn sign from my website by clicking here right now!

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