As of Monday, October 22, you can now VOTE EARLY for the November 6, 2018 General Election.

What do you need to Early Vote?

  1. Voters do not need to provide an excuse or reason why they cannot vote on Election Day.
  2. Government-issued photo ID is not required but is helpful if there is a question about the voter’s registration, address or signature.

You can Register to Vote at ALL Early Voting locations. NOTE: Any voter who needs to register for the first time or file an address change must present two forms of ID, one of which shows the voter’s current address.

Click here to see Early Voting Locations near you.

– Dan Ugaste

PS: If you can not make it to an early voting center, you can still vote by mail, click here to request a Mail In Ballot in Kane County or here to request one in McHenry County.

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