Dan Ugaste For State Representative 2018 Internship Program

The Dan Ugaste for State Representative 2018 Internship Program will provide a hands-on learning experience for college and high school students. Interns will receive substantial practical exposure to the day- to-day operations of a state political campaign, including: strategy, tactics, fundraising, and voter persuasion efforts such as public rallies, telephoning, and door to door voter visits.

The Program will include two formal seminars. The first seminar will cover the structure and functions of Illinois state government and will be led by Dan Ugaste. Interns will be required to read/study the United States Constitution and the Illinois Constitution to prepare for this seminar. The second seminar will cover campaign strategy and implementation.

In addition, the Program will include frequent discussions of policy issues such as job creation and economic growth, the state budget, ethics, health care, education, gun control, and others. Interns will be provided with outside reading material to enhance the learning experience.

Program Requirements and Stipend

Service Hours. An intern must log 100 service hours by midnight on November 6, 2018 (Election Day) to complete the Internship Program.

Stipend. A stipend of $750 will be awarded to each intern who completes the service hour requirement. Interns who complete the Program will also be eligible for additional bonuses based on performance. The stipend and any additional bonus will be paid upon completion of the Internship Program.

Leadership Opportunities

There will be leadership opportunities for interns who would like to have more responsibility in the campaign. Leaders will be selected on the bases of interest, need, and ability.


If you would like to participate in the Dan Ugaste for State Representative Internship Program, please e-mail a resume and the following information to dan@ugasteforillinois.com — (1) Name; (2) Address; (3) Phone; (4) Email; (5) Age; (6) Grade/level in school (as of 9/2018); (7) Available start date; (8) Expected end date; (9) Any other time constraints (outside commitments, planned vacations, etc.); (10) Other comments or information you wish to share. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis as received.

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