Dan Ugaste Files Petitions To Join State Legislature Local Attorney Seeking To Replace Retiring Representative Steve Andersson

GENEVA – Longtime Geneva resident Dan Ugaste filed almost double the signatures needed from local residents in his quest to change the way government operates in Illinois. Ugaste filed the signatures last week along with additional paperwork necessary to appear on the official ballot as a candidate for State Representative.

Any person seeking to run for public office In Illinois has to prove he or she has enough community support to justify being placed on the ballot. Support is established by the gathering of signatures from friends, neighbors and supporters who believe an individual has the character, experience and judgment necessary to govern responsibly.

“I filed petitions to run for State Representative because our families need fiscally conservative leadership to help bring our state back from insolvency. One of the main concerns I heard from voters as I went door to door was that we need to fix the fiscal mess in Springfield. Raising taxes on an already overtaxed population and business community doesn’t help; it doesn’t grow our economy – it shrinks it,” said Ugaste. “We need to make tough decisions in order to reduce spending to make up for the billions the Democrats and Speaker Mike Madigan have put us in the hole with rampant debt, unchecked pension growth, and over regulation that is strangling the entrepreneurial spirit in Illinois.”

Ugaste is not being challenged in the Republican primary but will face a Democratic opponent in the November, 2018 general election. Democrat Rich Johnson filed just before the deadline on December 4th.

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