Dan Ugaste Endorsed By The Illinois Fraternal Order Of Police

Dan Ugaste Endorsed By The Illinois Fraternal Order Of Police

GENEVA – State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-65) has been formally endorsed by the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), which represents over 33,000 active and retired Illinois police officers.  Ugaste accepted the endorsement and support of the police organization with gratitude and vowed to work with all law enforcement entities to make Illinois safer and more prosperous.

“I will continue to work with and on behalf of law enforcement in my capacity as a state lawmaker to make sure our citizens stay safe and our police officers stay safe.  It is a tough job for which we need to provide the best training, equipment and support that we can afford,” said Ugaste.  “Despite the focus of the media on the divisions in American society right now, police officers need more support from their government leaders — not less.  While every government employee and official needs to be held to a high standard, including me, I am not required to carry a gun and make split second life or death decisions in stressful and sometimes violent circumstances.  I appreciate the support of the FOP and I believe they know I support them as they do their job to keep us all safe.”


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