Dan Ugaste Earns Small Business Association Endorsement

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative candidate Dan Ugaste has been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business for his advocacy of a low taxes and restricted regulations in Illinois state government.

“I am honored to be recognized by my fellow small business owners, who employ more Americans than every Fortune 500 company combined. People may not realize it, but it is the smaller businesses throughout our state and country that provide the opportunities for working class to support their families,” said Ugaste. “Whether small businesses are sole proprietorships, close partnerships or small corporations, such as my firm, we are familiar with our employees and are engaged in their lives beyond just supervising their work. We have a responsibility to run our businesses efficiently and correctly so that we can continue to provide income for ourselves and our employees.”

The National Federation of Independent Business, Illinois’s leading small business association, recognized Dan Ugaste for his views on key economic development and tax limitation efforts crucial to the survival of small businesses.

“Small businesses generally work on a small profit margin, so an increase in the personal and corporate income tax rates can mean the difference between staying in business or moving to a state with a better economic climate. Illinois has become increasingly unfriendly to businesses both large and small, and that needs to be reversed before we force our economic base to abandon Illinois,” said Ugaste. “Once they go, they will not be coming back. It is simple economics. It is very expensive and risky to start up a new business, restart and old business or relocate and existing business. Entrepreneurs generally do not have the time or capital to rearrange their business plan and projections every time the Democrats in Springfield run out of money and reach into their pockets.”

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