Dan Ugaste Demands Review of Illinois Governor Disaster Proclamations

As Marine Storms Madigan’s Bluff – Ugaste Demands Transparency From Paschke

GENEVA, ILLINOIS – More than four days ago, former U.S. Marine and current Democrat Illinois State Representative Stephanie Kifowit (D-84) announced her candidacy to become the new Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, setting up the first challenge from a Democrat to Speaker Madigan in recent memory. Since the beginning of her candidacy, State Representative Dan Ugaste has called on Democrat Martha Paschke to state whether she will vote for Michael Madigan to be Speaker for another term if Paschke is elected, and whether she will vote for his rules which provide him with complete control over all matters in the Capitol. Paschke has repeatedly refused to tell the people of the 65th District what she will do.

“Stephanie Kifowit is doing exactly what we would expect of a Marine, she is directly attacking the well-fortified stronghold of the Speaker who has clung to power far too long. The only question now is whether fellow Democrats will join her fight to finally get rid of Mike Madigan,” said Ugaste. “And the only question now for the people of the 65th District is whether Paschke will vote for the Speaker to retain power and keep Illinois drowning in the morass of the status quo or help the State move forward. The people of the district know that I will never vote for Mike Madigan to be Speaker. They have a right to know what Paschke will do. She needs to be transparent. No longer can she, hide behind the often used statement, ‘Let’s see who is going to run’.”

And since Paschke has refused to answer this question from Ugaste at every forum and joint interview they have attended together, Ugaste is calling on the press to confront Paschke and not let her off the hook as to her vote for the Speaker.

Madigan is on track to funnel $2 million to the political fund of Ugaste’s Democrat opponent Martha Paschke in an effort to pack the Illinois House Democratic Caucus with enough votes to cover the increasing defections from Democrats like Stephanie Kifowit. “Madigan cannot be re-elected Speaker of the House without Martha Paschke’s support. Why else would Madigan steer $2,000,000 to a first time candidate with zero experience in government,” said Ugaste.

“Paschke needs to answer if she intends on voting for Michael J. Madigan to be Speaker of the House. Transparency on this issue is of the utmost importance. The people have a right to know,” said Ugaste. “And if she refuses to answer or evades the question, the people will have their answer. Her continued silence will speak volumes. As Illinois Republicans have said all summer, ‘Silence is corruption’.”

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