Dan Ugaste Calls For Halt To Automatic Voter Registration Until Secretary Of State Jesse White Can Prove That Ineligible Children And Non-Citizens Are Excluded

GENEVA – State Representative Dan Ugaste (R- 65) today called for the immediate halt to the automatic voter registration processing system used by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White’s office until lawmakers can be assured that only eligible citizens are being registered.

“One vote has decided more than a few elections in Illinois, and among the hundreds of candidates who just filed for office in December, one signature of a qualified voter meant the difference of either remaining on the ballot or being denied access to the ballot. In the 26th Ward in Chicago last week, a candidate named Angee Gonzalez was determined to have exactly the number of signatures to make her eligible to run for Ward Committeeperson,” said Ugaste. “Every vote counts and every registered voter counts, which is why ineligible citizens and children should not be able to negate the votes and signatures of eligible United States citizens in determining who runs the government.”

The Chicago Tribune reported that the information for over 4,600 children was sent in preparation for future registration in addition to hundreds of foreign born U.S. resident aliens, some of whom actually voted due to the improper registration and direction given by the Secretary of State employees.

“Not only does this alter the integrity of the election process, it can jeopardize the path to citizenship for a hard working legal immigrant who has been following all the rules for decades,” said Ugaste.

Ugaste plans to attend the hearing next week that has been postponed due to the ongoing revelations and increasing numbers of ineligible person who have been enrolled in the Illinois electoral system. The Secretary of State is expected to appear and explain the process malfunction, the extent of the damage and the steps taken to halt it while it is fixed.

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