Long before Dan Ugaste decided to get involved in Republican Party politics, Dan was involved in his community as a coach, as a volunteer firefighter and community volunteer. Dan is the kind person Ronald Reagan would describe as a “compassionate conservative”.

An attorney by trade, and business owner himself, Dan works every day to protect the rights of business owners in the court system and against a system of regulations and red tape that hamper their efforts to create a good product, deliver a valuable service, and provide a comfortable life for their families. As committed fiscal conservative, Dan will use his experience in law and business to help get Illinois back on the right track. As a committed cultural conservative, Dan will represent our shared values in the General Assembly while protecting our basic freedoms.

Not one to just “walk the walk” when it comes to pitching in, Dan Ugaste is dedicated to making his community and this State better through volunteerism. As a coach, volunteer in the community, and even as a former volunteer fire fighter, Dan Ugaste puts in the time needed to make life better for his family and his neighbors. He also spent numerous volunteer hours during the last few years assisting his fellow Republicans in Springfield trying to effectuate reforms for business.

Dan and his wife Denise are the proud parents of three married daughters and have 3 grandchildren. Dan regularly attends church at the United Methodist Church in Geneva.

Dan Ugaste